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About Us

Our Founder

Our founder, Al Padilla, started working for the Berkeley Pump Company right out of college. He worked with many sophisticated pump applications, including work on the Minuteman and Titan 2 missile systems, to pump water out of the silos. Then, an apprenticeship in pneumatic systems with Bellows-Valve Air for 7 years; then with Heart Industries, primarily plastic check valves. Mr. Padilla then went on to start Balta Corporation 30 years ago.

Who We Are

Let Balta Corporation of Seattle, Washington, be your one-stop for spring-loaded check and relief valves. Using more than 30 years of experience, we design, develop, and manufacture these products for businesses worldwide.

Check valves have been around since Ancient Egyptian times. We bring this old technology to the modern age by producing chemically resistant, spring-loaded poppet valves that you're sure to like.  We export to Europe, Asia, & Australia.